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Edible Art

My grandmother used to be a great baker.

She made the best cakes and pies.

Unfortunately she is no longer with us and that's why

somebody in the family had to take over her fantastic habits!!

So I did.

My Bakery started in 2010. 

I am a scuplture by education but had the desire in doing that on a smaller scale and with much tastier ingredients.

After lots of research, practice and taste tests,  I proudly present you my edible art. Enjoy flipping through my website and above all...


"Let Them Eat Cake" 


Small and individual cupcakes shared amongst friends. Sign me up!

These cupcakes can be personalised for any special occasion coming in three different flavors

 vanilla, chocolate or lemon.

Children love them and it is a mess free solution for small and big parties.

Royal Cakes

The Royal Cake is a wonderful classic Victorian Sponge Cake

Choose your flavor, Vanilla, Lemon or Chocolate.

Inside the cake I layer them with tasty buttercream and add a little food coloring,

it gives a special effect to the cake when cutting into pieces.

Those cakes can romance on a table for any occasion, birth, birthday, wedding, engagement, announcement...

I follow your idea when needed and can personalize the cake with a name or number.

Love is what makes us happy and connects with every inch of our souls.

A celebration of love is the most powerful and beautiful thing that exists and so the love bomb is with no doubt the Wedding Cake.

Get inspired, flip through my pictures and let me know your thoughts.

Let’s make your day a day to never forget.

Wedding Cakes

Shaped Cakes

Want an interesting shaped cake in which guests think,

"Now that is too beautiful to cut,"?

Well dreams do come true.

Have a look through on the types of cakes you could have at your event.

Barbie Cakes

Every little girl loves her time with the beautiful doll, Barbie!

To celebrate your girls birthday in style I would suggest a wonderful Barbie doll cake. 

It's a winner and the skirt is a yummy cake,

just fantastic to go all the way into a perfect party.

The doll is all yours after and you get to keep the clothes, have fun!

And ladies, this is for any age ...